Hälsningar från Zooso!!

Hej klassen!
Hoppas att ni har ett härligt sommarlov! Snart är det dags att börja 4:an, så spännande!:-)
Jag har fått två mejl från Zooso under sommaren, titta här under får ni se!
Så här har Zooso´s fantastiska resa varit (hittills…:-))…
Nov 2015: busshållplats i Knivsta
Nov 2015: Hockey i Rimbo
                Sjukhus i Uppsala
                Apotek i Uppsala
                Yoga i Uppsala
Dec 2015: New York
Jan 2016: Med Agnes i Uppsala
Feb 2016: På Arlanda
Mars 2016: Alcudia på Mallorca
April 2016: I Norge
Okt 2016: I Ungern
Juni 2017: I Ungern och Slovenien
Kramar från Ida <3
25 juni 2017:

Hi Guys,

Zooso spent a few months with my daughter, Sophy in Hungary. They
played, travelled (on plane, train, bike and bus) together. They went
hiking and to the see together.
See the pictures attached (Budapest, Tatabánya, Budaörs Airport).
Than we travelled to Slovenia (last 2 pictures) and gave Zooso to a
Slovenian friend.

We are interested to see where Zooso has been and will go. Do you have
a Facebook page where we can follow Zooso?

Sophy and Balazs

6 juli 2017:

Hi children!
I am sending your friend’s,Zooso’s greetings from Ljubljana,Slovenia.
His actual owner is Marcel,a 6 years old boy who will go to school this year but before he will visit your country,Sweden:))
Most likely we do not take Zooso with us but we leave him at somebody else before…just to see some more places;)
Some pictures are attached,taken at the riverside Ljubljanica and at the seaside near Umag,Croatia.
We are wondering if there is any place on the internet where we could follow Zooso’s journey…
Congrat for the great idea,love:
Marcel and his parents

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