Äventyret fortsätter

Dear Friends,

I hope you’re well and enjoy the new school year! I’m here again, I traveled a lot for the last few weeks. If I remember last time I send you a message in France. Now I’m in another country in Eastern Europe (try to guess it:) ). I’m in a beautiful city, I send you a picture. I have a new friend, I hope I’ll have more time to write a longer letter for you

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Let us introduce ourselves. We are a Hungarian-Portuguese family living in France, at Genas, near Lyon.
We are four children, Jessica, 14 years old, Luka, 11 years old, Liliana 6 years old and Mika 3 years old.
Our mother is called Eva, she is Hungarian and our father is called Rogerio, he is Portuguese.
We met your monkey, Zooso, because un collegue of our mother has found him at Denmark and invited him to come to France.
Zooso has spent with us the holidays at Portugal and he travelled to Hungary with our grandfather by plane.
In Portugal, we have visited Praia de Barra, near Aveiro. We have spent a week near the ocean.
They have one of the biggest lighthouse of Europe, with the light visible from 40 kms around.
We have visited the naval museum also, Zooso amused a much to sit on the typical ships full of marin salt.  (The air is so salty there that they have to put ceramic tiles on the houses. This is very pretty, and they call it azulejos).
He discovered in the museum the anciens radars and other shipping technical equipment.
After, we have spent a week at the grandma’s village, Alfaites, a pretty medieval ”bourg”.
You will find some photos of us and Zooso in this mail and some next ones.
We should be glad to hear about you and the rest of the voyage of Zooso, we have found you idea genial and we like to discover other countries and children as we are already a family with three cultures and three languages.
This is our mum’s mail, you can write us at this address.


Jessica, Luka, Liliana and Mika

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